For nearly 50 years, OASIS® Grower Solutions has proudly served the greenhouse industry and hydroponic hobbyist alike, creating the most advanced, problem-solving propagation media available. In 1954, V.L. Smithers revolutionized the market by developing the very first water-absorbing foam for florists. Since then, we’ve continually pushed the industry forward, always developing products that make growing easier and more rewarding for growers of all levels – from the weekend warrior to the mass producer.

Our hydroponic growing media continue this tradition. Performance-wise, unbeatable media consistency and a uniform, open-celled structure promote rapid, vigorous root growth. They’re also easy to use – segmented for flexible sizing, easy to stick cuttings into, and with perfectly- placed dibbles for automated seeding. And our media are safe for both plants and people. Their plant-friendly chemistry is inert and pathogen free, with no toxic chemicals, no abrasive fibers and no need to worry about disposal.

With the grower’s success our ultimate goal, these hydroponic growing media are a big part of why OASIS® Grower Solutions is the most recognized and trusted brand in the industry today.
Oasis Grower Solutions
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