Dial up the moisture, turn the hassles completely off. The greater water retention of ROOTCUBES® media means easier, healthier germination and propagation of vegetables, herbs, flowers and foliage crops. Its cell structure creates a perfect air-to-water balance for fast root development and optimal callus growth. And it’s ready to use: just wet it and get planting.
Primarily designed for propagation of vegetative cuttings, this higher density, lower drainage foam encourages fast root development and optimal callus growth. Its finer-celled design offers greater contact with the cutting’s end, for easier, quicker water uptake. Higher strength means your cuttings will hold firm right where you put them. And the perfect amount of starter charge helps get the growing off
to a strong start.
ROOTCUBES® Growing Medium is very consistent,
with a low cation exchange capacity that allows quick
nutrient availability without harmful salt accumulation.
Available in 50-, 104-, and 162-cell sheets, our
ROOTCUBES® media can also be used for seed
propagation because its lower-drainage characteristics requiring a bit less water once the seedling is established. However, if you’re looking for the most vigorous seed starts possible, our HORTICUBES® foam is an even better choice.

1.5” Growing Medium
50 cells
1.25” Growing Medium
104 cells
1” Growing Medium
162 cells
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