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New MicroG Sample Packs Help Hobbyists Grow with Ease
To help introduce hobbyists unfamiliar with the hydroponic media used by thousands of growers worldwide, OASIS® Grower Solutions (OGS) has created a sample pack of its renowned foam. Housed in what the company calls its “microG” (aka, mini-greenhouse), each 9x5x3” clear plastic clamshell comes complete with six blocks of HORTICUBES®, ROOTCUBES®, or ROOTCUBES® Plus growing media. This new pack allows hobbyists to see first hand how simple starting seeds and cloning cuttings can be with the high-performance, hydroponic growing foam.

“We’ve been making life easier for hobbyists since we created the first growing media nearly 50 years ago”, states OGS Product Manager, Nathan Keil. “Our new microG sample packs allow growers to test-drive, if you will, our media before investing further. And once they see the results for themselves, they’ll want to expand upon their success,” affirms Keil.

Recipients of the new sample packs just need to remove the packing paper and attractive clamshell wrap – then follow the instructions printed on the back. Should watering, or more air and direct light be needed, growers simply unfasten the handy lid, and they’re in business. Staying true to its tagline, “Ahhh…that’s better”, OGS couldn’t have made a simpler way for hobbyists try out its growing foam.

Currently, OASIS® Grower Solutions manufactures a full line of hydroponic growing media to address very distinct plant needs. For example, with its specially engineered lower density, higher drainage qualities, HORTICUBES® is ideal for seed germination. OGS’s high-density, low drainage ROOTCUBES® foam is perfect for propagation of vegetative cuttings. And the newest product to the OGS hydroponic family is ROOTCUBES® Plus growing media, which speeds up propagation of slow-to-root plants by days.

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